Pueblo Science Camp and Walking on Eggshells!

Still looking to add to your New Years resolutions? If you live in the Greater Toronto Area, consider signing your kids up for the Pueblo Science Camp this March break, or volunteering for Pueblo Science!  If you don’t live in the GTA, consider making a donation to Pueblo Science. Pueblo Science was started to provide educators in low-resource communities, particularly in the Philippines, with materials and resources needed to do fun science activities with their students. Many of these regions have limited access to internet and resources that we take for granted. While it may seem like money and time should be spent towards other necessities, we need to remember that an understanding and appreciation of science is necessary for future generations. It also helps them understand what is occurring around them today, whether it be the simple things, like photosynthesis and pH, or something more complex, like climate change.

Walking on Eggshells with Alon Eisenstein (Pueblo Science Camp Director)

Learn much more about the science camps by listening to our Collapsed Wavefunction podcast with Pueblo Science Camp Director, Alon Eisenstein.

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