Would You Drink “Chemical Free” Beer?

The question isn’t “would” it’s “can” you drink “chemical free” beer? Every now and then I come across a beer that’s advertised as “chemical free”. Now take a moment to think about what “chemical free” means.

Golden Crown Brewery

 The chemicals in beer are what makes it one of the most popular beverages!

Chemicals in your beer


most important chemicals in beer

-Ethanol (aka alcohol): Perhaps the most celebrated ingredient in beer- this is the stuff that makes you intoxicated!

-Water: You may have never thought of it this way, but water is the solvent of beer. In other words, all the chemicals in beer are dissolved in water. Without water there would be no beer! (See Dave Barry’s quote below).

-Carbon Dioxide (aka head): This gas is a product of the fermentation that is necessary to produce beer and creates that nice beer foam at the top!


Beer is brimming with a multitude of additional chemical compounds! For example:

-the bitter tasting compounds from hops are humuloneisohumulone and humulene.

-hops also contain flavanoids, such as xanthohumol and isoxanthohumol, which may even act as antioxidants (protection from damaging oxygen radicals)!

 Dorea and Raluca_Dave Barry quote


no chemicals plus antioxidants beerSo the next time you see something like this, remember that beer is chemicals, antioxidants are chemicals, and these chemicals are our friends!

Added note: Do you know why drinking beer can make you happy? Because it triggers an increase the chemical dopamine!





-Premium Lager label Photo is from Flickr and its commercial description can be found here.

-“No chemicals” “plus antioxidant” beer is here.

Ethanol, water and carbon dioxide definitions: Wikipedia

-Everything else: © Chemicals Are Your Friends




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  1. marciepooh says:

    When ever I hear/see something along the lines of “chemical free food,” I think “hmm, vacuum isn’t very tasty or filling.” Won’t get you drink either.

  2. Dorea Reeser says:

    Pretty much the exact same thoughts cross my mind, Marcie! Not to mention, the point of food is to get the nutrients our bodies needs! If we ate “chemical free” food, we’d all die!

  3. rs gold says:

    rs gold…

    i like this site a lot!…

  4. John says:

    I often wish that those who like chemical free food and drink would stick to it exclusively. We wouldn’t have to put up with their nonsense for very long. :)

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