Our Favorite Chemicals with the Collapsed Wavefunction

Have you listened to our latest podcast with the Collapsed Wavefunction? It’s a pretty special podcast because we decided we would start a series where we discuss some of our favorite chemicals and what’s so special about them. We also decided that we wouldn’t tell each other what they would be, so it would be a SURPRISE! I was glad that I got to go first so I could make sure that Chad and Sam didn’t have the opportunity to choose mine ūüėČ

You can download it on iTunes, or live stream it below:




  • Icons used were all modified and found in the Noun Project and are Public Domain unless otherwise noted.
  • Leaf used as lungs was modified from an icon created for the Noun Project by Benedikt Martens
  • Eye icon was created for the Noun Project by Sergi Delgado

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  1. Bryma says:

    I agree, the word “friend” is not appropriate. This glib approach is not beneficial to either health or science.
    Are you funded by industry or the American Chemistry Council? Your lumping together of synthetic and natural chemicals in one glorious benign lump is suspect, as is your superficial blog on aspartame, given the reams of scientific evidence indicating aspartame’s long-term health risks. You pleasantly ignore the devastating health statistics in the United States such as cancer rates some of which like thyroid cancer are up 300% or kidney and non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, which are up 100% since 1976 according to the CEC. Genetic drift cannot explain these health epidemics in the US in the last 40 years. What do you attribute as the cause of these epigenetic impacts and genetic mutations if not from synthetic chemicals (of which there are 80,000 that are untested and unregulated to be exact)? “The dose is the poison” is an antiquated and uneducated concept whose day is over, particularly when you consider the health of the human genome and the nature and origins of chronic disease.

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