Happy Birthday to Me and Chemicals Are Your Friends! We Give You Our TOP 10!

by Dorea Reeser

Top 10 Posts
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Twenty something years ago tomorrow a spunky, little chemist was born, and just over a year ago she began Chemicals Are Your Friends! It all started – I am talking about CAYF here, we all know how Dr. Dorea was created (or do we?). Anyways, it all started with a brief rant on Facebook about the common misuse of the word “chemical”, which turned into a Facebook page, which turned into a blog, website, and a couple of guest blogs posts for Scientific American, which turned into outreach activities and eventually joining the Collapsed Wavefunction Podcast with the Brachiolope Media Network!

There are still a number of great plans being made for CAYF! Keep following us for new upcoming posts on chemistry and food by Memorial University Ph.D. candidate, Rob DiLorenzo. You can get a taste of Rob at the Republic of Bacon. We would also like to add some new surprises in addition to upcoming blog posts. If there’s anything you would really like us to cover, or if you are interested in writing a guest blog post for CAYF, feel free to email us, message us on Facebook, or tweet to us!

In celebration of my birthday and the anniversary of CAYF, here are our top 10 posts to date, as well as Scientific American  posts for dessert. I am really happy to see that posts by all of Team CAYF have made it into our top 10!

Before moving on to our top 10, I want to take a moment to thank my friend Amie for making me the amazing cake pictured above! If you live in the Toronto area and want a lovely customized cake contact Amie!


Top 10 Posts


1. Chromatography Flowers

By far our most visited post on CAYF and a fun activity to do with your kids, your students, or even for yourself! Plus, you get to learn a bit about chromatography!

Chromatography Flower in the making


2. The Most Toxic Chemicals to Humans Are Natural!

Meant to be a supplement to my Scientific American post “Natural versus Synthetic Chemicals Is a Gray Matter“, this CAYF post has had a surprising number of visitors! I have been meaning to update it so it includes further explanations and better images. Coming soon!

relative toxicity of the most toxic natural and synthetic chemicals_feature

3. Synthetic Sweeteners – Chemicals that are finger-lickin’ sweet!

Brought to us by Dr. Hasan Khan, a postdoctoral fellow at Yale University. This sweet post discusses aspartame!

aspartame feature image


4. Death by Theobromine

Who doesn’t love chocolate?

chocolate bunnies and eggs

5. Synthetic Sweeteners Pt. 2 – Sucralose, Neotame, Saccharin and Special Natural Guest, Stevia

Dr. Hasan Khan brings us more excellent discussion on artificial sweeteners.

synthetic sweeteners part 2

6. Would You Drink “Chemical Free” Beer?

Why do you think beer is so tasty and effective?

feature picture_chemical free beer



7. Chemicals Have Feelings Too!

Honestly, this is one of my favorite CAYF posts! Thank you to soon to be Dr. Alon Eisenstein (he’s defending next week!) for his fun explanations of different chemical relationships and to our house illustrator, Mike Ellis, for bringing these relationships to life!

Feature Image

8. Is Sucralose (AKA Splenda) More Similar to DDT Than Sugar?

Food for thought. How similar do they look to you?


9. A Table Tale – The Periodic Table of the Elements

Soon to be Dr. Alon Eisenstein brings us another popular post on the periodic table of elements, which is much more than just a table!


10. Buckminsterfullerene

Youtube chemistry tutorial extraordinaire chemistNate (aka Nathan Oldridge) tells us a bit about this carbon-based soccer ball!

buckminsterfullerene feature image

Scientific American Posts

Chemical” Is Not a Bad Word

Everything on Earth is Chemicals!


Natural versus Synthetic Chemicals Is a Gray Matter

natural vs synthetic defined in a Venn Diagram_feature


Thanks to Amie for the beautiful cake! If you live in Toronto and want a custom cake, contact Amie here.

Thanks to Erin Filby for taking the cake photo!

Thanks to all that have followed us, all of our supporters, and to all who have provided encouraging feedback!


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