First podcast with the Collapsed Wavefunction: Proteins and PEGylation!


I am thrilled to announce that I have recently joined forces with the Collapsed Wavefunction as co-host of their podcast which is now a part of the Brachiolope Media Network!

What are proteins? Why do they fold? What in the world is PEGylation? How is any of this related to eggs or spaghetti? Who is the famous Auschwitz survivor, author and chemist? Find out . Plus our first time doing 30 seconds of jargon! Find out in my first podcast as co-host with Sam Matthews and Chad Jones of the Collapsed Wavefunction. Where we explore and learn from the motivation behind Sam’s cheap labor during his Master’s. Plus our first time doing 30 seconds of jargon!


Some key time points courtesy of Chad!

2:30 – A general introduction to proteins and amino acids. Complete with the start of an analogy by Sam. Comment below if you can finish the analogy for him.

4:00 – Sam’s thesis title: “Investigation into the effects of PEGylation on the thermodynamic stability of the WW domain”. We discuss what thermodynamic stability means, what PEGylation means, and how both of these ideas apply to protein therapeutics (using insulin as an example).

18:00 – How does Sam make his proteins? (Hint: Sam does it the hard way)

20:00 – Chad asks a synthetic question. Chad’s children join in with their questions about synthetic chemistry.

25:00 – What are the big objectives of Sam’s research?

28:00 – “30 Seconds of Jargon” a new feature for the podcast. We give our guest 30 seconds – and only 30 seconds – to explain their research with all the jargon they can muster.

30:00 – The Fortnightly Scientist: Primo Levi

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