Content Contributor – Dr. Hasan Khan

Hasan Khanwas born and raised in Ottawa, the lovely capital of Canada. At the tender age of 6, he found his older brother’s chemistry set and decided the new, white carpet in the room was an excellent site for his first experiment. His parents decided that if he was going to spill things all over the place, he might as well do it outside the house, so they enrolled him in a summer chemistry class. Thus began Hasan’s journey into the wonderful world of chemical research.
Hasan is a content provider for Chemicals are Your Friends. He recently completed his Ph. D. in synthetic organic chemistry at the University of Toronto and is currently a post-doctoral research fellow at Yale University. His Ph. D. research involved the development of efficient and catalytic methods for the synthesis of important chemical structures found in major classes of antibiotics and proteins. During his time in Toronto, Hasan also participated actively in Science Rendezvous, putting on a chemistry-themed magic show for science-inclined kids and their indulgent parents. He also played in and led a Brazilian samba band called Samba Elegua, a local Toronto band that made the Toronto landscape just a bit more funky.  He’s also an avid cook, drummer, and a self-proclaimed karaoke star.