Welcome to Chemicals Are Your Friends!

I am so excited to be getting this project started! This is just a quick post to say, WELCOME! I truly hope that this site will inspire scientists to share chemical knowledge in a way that is more accessible to everyone, and I hope to inspire and remind everyone how important chemicals are in our day to day lives! I can’t say enough that chemicals are everywhere, chemicals are everything, and WE are chemicals!

The site is just getting started so I am still tweaking a number of things, so please be patient! Thank you for visiting and please come back!20130301_updated with logo

Friends shown here are:
1. Theobromine: the main compound found in chocolate! It is molecularly similar to caffeine (also found in chocolate!), but does not have the same stimulant effect. Studies show that chocolate may even suppress coughs. So don’t feel bad about eating chocolate when you’re sick ūüėČ

2. Chlorophyll a: This is what makes plants look green, and is responsible for absorbing sun light, which is ultimately turned into sugar by a process called photosynthesis. The green stuff in the petri dish is in fact chlorophyll I extracted in acetone!

3. Heme b: The part of hemoglobin (the stuff that makes your blood red) that is responsible for binding oxygen so that it can be transported! Believe it or not those splatters of red are actually of my own blood! It was after a rather unfortunate evening, and believe me when I say you don’t want to see the rest of the photo!


Featured Image of Earth credit: modified from Wiki Commons

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