What’s in Amaretto?

It seems we’re on an alcohol trend today- Happy Friday! Apparently alcoholic beverages, like amaretto, do not need listed ingredients since they are not regulated by the FDA. Researchers at UC Davis decided to find out what’s in amaretto. Although amaretto smells like almonds, this study suggests that you don’t need almonds to make amaretto. In fact, the results from this study suggest that it could be made from its chemical ingredients without soaking apricot pits or almonds in alcohol. The main ingredients in amaretto are sugar, spices, alcohol (you would hope), benzaldehyde (the stuff that makes amaretto smell almond-like) and amygdalin (only in the more expensive amarettos). Interestingly, the cheaper amarettos contain more benzaldehyde, and the more expensive ones contain more amygdalin.

Read more in the C&EN blog here.



Photo Credits:

Disaronno Amaretto via Wiki Commons

Almonds via Wiki Commons

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