Research shows graphene foams can be as a platform for neural regeneration and neural prosthetics

foot prostheticWhen most of us think about prosthetics, we think of artificial limbs. A recent study shows that the 3D graphene foams may provide a platform for neural prosthetics! Recent research shows that 3D graphene, an all carbon multi-layered lattice, is useful because:

  • it is not harmful to our bodies
  • its complex 3D lattice acts as a scaffold for neural stem cell growth
  • it is highly conductive, and neurons process and transmit information via electrical signals

This means that 3D graphene is a promising material for the neural tissue regeneration, research, engineering and prostheses!

The original research article was published in Nature.

Learn more about how graphene foams are made, their properties and additional applications on Azo nano’s website.



Photo Credits:

High Res Graphene foam image is from ACS Materials

Foot Prosthetic is by the US Navy via Wikimedia Commons

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