Infographics of chemicals in all-natural foods by James Kennedy

I don’t know about you, but I often think about all the interesting chemicals that are, and must be, in the foods that I eat. I’ve tried to share some of the interesting chemicals found in grapefruit, for example. Australian teacher, James Kennedy recently made fantastic infographics listing all of the chemical ingredients in various all-natural foods. He wrote on his website that, “As a Chemistry teacher, I want to erode the fear that many people have of “chemicals”, and demonstrate that nature evolves compounds, mechanisms and structures far more complicated and unpredictable than anything we can produce in the lab.”

We at CAYF applaud his efforts and recommend you do yourself a favor and check out his site here.


Added January 23, 2014:

“If I can’t pronounce it, I shouldn’t be eating it!” Co-host Sam Matthews of The Collapsed Wavefunction podcast reminds us that many people say this. Of course his response to this type of statement is that “there’s not much left that you’re able to eat.”

Check out their latest interview with James Kennedy. Learn about the motivation, why potassium isn’t listed as an ingredient in the banana, and what he’s planning for the future.


  1. Dorea Reeser says:

    Thanks, James! We’re absolutely thrilled with your infographics! Keep up the good work!

  2. Lisa Mai says:

    SO COOL!!! I shared it on my facebook page and on my pinterest =)

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