High resolution images of chemical bonds!

atomic force microscope

atomic force microscope

High resolution images of an organic molecule undergoing a reaction have been taken for the first time! To give you an idea of just how high resolution – the scale on the images is 3 Angstroms, and there are 10 million Angstroms in 1 millimeter. This story shows the images of the reactant molecule and its products taken using an atomic force microscope, and what’s really fascinating is that these images are similar to the molecular structures we learn to draw in school, all the way down to the number of bonds! Check out the news story here.

The research article will be published on June 7 in Science Express: “Direct Imaging of Covalent Bond Structure in Single-Molecule Chemical Reactions,” by Dimas G. de Oteyza et al. Science Express, 2013.


Image Credits

Graphene is By AlexanderAlUS via Wikimedia Commons.

AFM is via Wikimedia Commons.

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