Be Proud of Your Chemistry! Happy Pride!

I live in the gay village in Toronto, which is quite the treat at this time of year. The positive energy and chemistry is overwhelming and invigorating! I wish I had the time right now to write about some interesting chemistry in honor of Pride, but my thesis writing has to take priority. That being said, Pride and CAYF are both very important to me–not to mention they inspire me in my own PhD work–so I felt justified in taking the time to take and share this photo. To me, Pride isn’t just about being proud of your sexuality (or chemistry). It’s about being proud of who you are. We are all different shapes and sizes, and we all have different ways of expressing ourselves. A list of our differences could go on infinitely, and we should all be proud of our unique characteristics and respectful of others because we are all different to someone.

Proud Chemistry


Photo is © ChemicalsAreYourFriends

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