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Scientific American blog post “Natural versus Synthetic Chemicals Is a Gray Matter”

Check out my latest Scientific American guest blog post, “Natural versus Synthetic Chemicals Is a Gray Matter”! In this post I discuss three common misconceptions about natural products and provide legitimate resources. Misconceptions: 1. Synthetic chemicals are more toxic than natural chemicals. 2. Organically grown…

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Research shows graphene foams can be as a platform for neural regeneration and neural prosthetics

When most of us think about prosthetics, we think of artificial limbs. A recent study shows that the 3D graphene foams may provide a platform for neural prosthetics! Recent research shows that 3D graphene, an all carbon multi-layered lattice, is useful because: it is not…

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Material inspired by minerals in sea sponges is more flexible and has the ability to transmit light!

Nature inspires a great deal of interesting scientific research. For example, scientists recently created a material based on the mineral chemical elements found in sea sponges, but their synthetic creation is actually more flexible, and it is able to transmit light when it is bent!…

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