A catalyst was born!

Who loves a good pun? On this day a few years ago a chemical catalyst was born and was named Dorea Reeser!

In chemistry, a catalyst, speeds up a reaction by lowering the amount of energy needed for the reaction to happen. I tried drawing some pictures to explain this as an analogy for the non-scientists out there. Imagine you made an ambitious grocery trip, and you have 4 bulging and heavy bags of groceries to carry home. To get home you have to walk up a steep hill through the pouring rain which prevents you from setting those bags down for a rest, not to mention you want to get out of the rain as fast as possible! You get home, drop the bags and collapse out of exhaustion. What if, instead, a really good (arguably crazy) friend of yours came along and bulldozed the hill for you so you could get home faster and use less energy! You arrive home happy and with more energy to spare! Woohoo!


I will add some more interesting facts about catalysts later, so stay tuned!

I apologize for how terrible I am at drawing. That’s why I have artist friends!
facebook catalyst image

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